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City Wonders in the Press

Here you'll always find the most up-to-date City Wonders coverage in the press. Whether you're researching our products, or just curious who says what, you're sure to find that we're not the only ones standing by our claims. If you're a writer, journalist or blogger and want to contribute, please contact us.

How To Escape The Crowds In Venice

Ah, Venice! It really is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring cities with vistas stunning enough to make you gasp aloud. However, if you find yourself visiting during peak vacation periods, the crowds—I’m talking hoards of people by the literal boatload—can be overwhelming, distracting

- Semptember 2018. Forbes
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The Best Places to Travel in August

A wonderful city to explore any time of year, Florence is bustling even in August when the weather is warm and many Italians and other Europeans head out of town for vacations. Its museums, caathedrals, piazzas, and ancient streets welcome visitors, nd cultural events and festivals

- July 2018. Travel + Leisure
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The world’s most popular travel experiences for under $150, according to TripAdvisor

Brainstorming what to put on your travel bucket list this year? Better book a trip to Rome. TripAdvisor has revealed its most popular attractions, tours, activities and other experiences

- March 2018. CNBC
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What Halloween haunts to visit in Tokyo, Paris and other spooky destinations

Everyone knows Paris’ more famous landmarks, but there’s an underworld just 65 feet below street surface — and Halloween may be the perfect time to visit. The Paris Catacombs

- October, 2017. Los Angeles Times
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City Wonders tours visit some legendary haunts

“City Wonders, a tour operator that specializes in exclusive tours throughout Italy, France and the U.K., scared up a selection of favorite haunted destinations for travelers to enjoy in Europe.”

- October 2017. Travel Weekly
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Immaculate Confections: The Pope’s Chef Will Make You Lunch!

“City Wonders is one of only three tour operators with a Vatican partnership, and offers an intimate look inside the history-rich papal residence (including a private library, chapel, and the very bedroom where centuries of popes have laid

- September 2017. Fodor's
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How to Tour London and Paris in Five Days

This time of year, travel publications regularly publish their “top destinations” lists. We’re not being critical of the practice, of course; it’s a tradition we jovially participate in as well. But we could simplify things by giving a few cities

- January 2017. Forbes
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London to Paris with City Wonders

It’s hard to narrow down the top choices, but when taking into consideration such items as the type of offerings made available in these two specific towns, family travel, and attainable prices; I recommend… City Wonders

- May 2015. Huffington Post
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New Harry Potter Experience: A Behind The Scenes, Guided Tour Takes Travelers to Hogwarts

You needn’t even have a magic wand or shout “flippendo” in order to step, quite literally, into Harry Potter’s actual movie world. The new “Making of Harry Potter

- April 2016. Forbes
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5 Epic Day Trips to Take in Europe

Mount Vesuvius sealed the fates of thousands of unsuspecting citizens when it erupted on Aug. 24, A.D. 79 and buried the city in ash… This trip, offered by City Wonders, will take you deep into the history of this bygone

- February 2016. Huffington Post
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How To Spend Two Perfect Days In Rome

But if you want to skip the long queues at the 1,900-year-old attraction, the only way to go is with the Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour from City Wonders, a tour provider that prides itself on delivering stimulating

- January 2016. Forbes
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Why you should still visit Paris this winter

If the weather is chilly, head inside to see some of the treasures of Paris. City Wonders offers one way to explore some of the city’s best museums on a city tour that whisks visitors through the lines and

- November 2015. Fox News
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How To Visit Pope Francis In Rome

City Wonders, a Roman-based tour operator, which started in 2004 with small group walking tours, offers “access to locked areas of the Vatican Museums that are normally closed to the public, including the renowned Bramante

- November 2015. Forbes
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How to Have the Sistine Chapel All to Yourself

The third operator, City Wonders, is perfect if you’re planning your own trip to Rome and don’t want to commit to anything more than early access to the chapel. (Founded in 2004, City Wonders is a well-respect

- October 2015. Fodor's
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Pope Francis' Rome: Cut the lines at Vatican City's top attractions like the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica

And Global tour operator City Wonders — specializing in exclusive tours and one of only three providers with an official Vatican partnership

- September 2015. New York Daily News
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Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit, and How it Affects Travelers

City Wonders is one of only three tour partners to the Vatican Museum offering private tours (all led by expert, English-speaking tour guides), VIP access, personalized itineraries, and most important

- September 2015. Smarter Travel
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It’s the perfect time to explore the pope’s home in Rome

Give yourself at least half a day to tour those magnificent ruins, along with the Forum and Palatine Hill. Request expert guide Sev from City Wonders if you can get him – a deeply knowledgeable prof

- September 2015. New York Post
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