Miami is called the Magic City for a reason - it just oozes ambiance and drama, glitz and glamour, and an energy you won’t really find elsewhere. And one amazing way to see Miami is by helicopter. A birds-eye view of the city will take your breath away, and have you falling in love with the metropolis below you. Here are just a few reasons why you should book a helicopter tour of Miami!

It’s something different

Sure, anyone can see a city from the ground. Waking through Miami is a thrill in itself, because the juxtaposition between city and beach is fantastically unique. But seeing it from the sky? That’s a whole new level of wonder. Miami (and the whole of Florida) is known for its glorious sunshine, and you’ll get to fly through clear sunny skies to see the city stretching out for miles below you. If a helicopter ride is on your bucket list then there is no better place to tick this one off than beautiful Miami!

There are no crowds up there

Busy Miami Beach seen by a Helicopter

Cities are busy places. Miami is always full of people, especially during Spring Break and when the weather is good - which is often! But up there in a helicopter it will be you and one or two travel buddies, and of course the pilot who often doubles up as a guide to point out anything you might miss as you soar above the Magic City. Your sightseeing will be completely unencumbered as you look down at the rest of the tourists, as tiny as ants on the ground way below you. If it’s just you and your partner in the helicopter, it can be a pretty romantic experience - there has been many a proposal in the sky above beautiful Miami, so if you’re planning to propose during your trip then this might be the best way to do it… Even just for a romantic date night, a bonding experience with your child or a way to make memories with your best friend, a tour of Miami by helicopter is the way to do it!

It’s a bit of an adrenaline rush

Helicopter Tours in Miami

There’s nothing scary about traveling in a helicopter, but it can give you a bit of a buzz to be up so high in such a small vessel. You’ll also get to hear fascinating facts and stories from your pilot/guide, all of which will entertain you as you turn through the skies! You’ll get to see the Magic City in a whole new way, without having to complete years of training or putting yourself in any danger. Helicopter rides are completely safe for both adults and children.

The views are amazing

Miami seen from above by a Helicopter

We cannot overstate how incredible the views of Miami are from a helicopter. You’ll get to see the huge expanse of sand and sea, as well as tropical plants, colorful houses, shining buildings and so much more. From state parks to high rises to vibrant street art, there are so many eye-catching parts of the Magic City that you’ll be able to see from your vantage point in the sky. The colors are something else: bright blue water, lush green trees, bright white architecture and soft white sand. The art around the city will peek out and catch your eye as you fly.

It’s a great gift idea

Sunset over Miami seen from a Helicopter

A helicopter tour of Miami is a really fun and unique way to explore the city, so it makes for a great gift - whether that’s for a special birthday, a graduation present or a way to celebrate the holidays. It might not be something that somebody would think of booking for themselves, but a Miami helicopter tour is an ideal way to surprise someone as part of a trip to the Magic City. It’s a fun way of saying look, here’s something amazing we can do together to make long-lasting memories in the Sunshine State! They’ll absolutely love you for it, we’re certain of it…

Whether you’re heading to Miami for a day or a week, factoring in a helicopter tour of the Magic City is a great way to ensure your trip is full of wonder. Helicopter tours are such a unique and exciting way to see any city, and Miami is no exception to this rule! With City Wonders you can confidently book a helicopter tour of Miami, and you won’t be disappointed with the incredible views you can see from the sheer blue skies.